Hair Replacement Systems

(No More Old-Fashioned Hair Pieces or Wigs!)

Oftentimes, as in the case of harsh chemotherapy or radiation treatments, the success rate for new hair growth is greatly reduced, and often irreversible. In such extreme cases, New Image Hair Studio can still offer hope with our high quality, stylish and NATURAL LOOKING hair replacement systems.  Our hair replacement products are made with 100% human hair, using only the softest and most comfortable materials for the most natural looking fit possible! We offer many versatile hair enhancement options from full cap, three-quarter cap and top of the head designs, to fulfill all individual needs, and in today's most popular styles and colors! Available for men, women and children!

New Image Hair Studio Clients Before/After Hair Replacement Systems

Actual New Image Hair Studio clients wearing a lace hair replacement system. This product will stay attached for up to 4 weeks, without any sliding. even through normal shampoo and styling!

Top of the Head Men's Hair Replacement

Women's Hair Replacements

Hair replacement system for woman with rare immune disorder, where the hair grows thin and sometimes breaks after a few inches.

Tape Ins

More Great-Looking Hair Replacement Systems Available

For Men

For Women

For Children