About Our Salon

From the young age of 13 years old, Makita “Noell” Purvis, owner of New Image Hair Studio, has been “messing in people’s hair”. The daughter of a cosmetologist, Noell grew up helping her mother in her salon, learning how to roll perms and rinse chemicals out of hair, instead of outside playing with her friends. Her older cousins would often get her to do their hair for them before going out to a club.

She remembers one particular time she decided to cut off her baby sister’s long, thick ponytail. Her mother had a fit, and made her keep her sister’s hair up until it grew back. From that point on, watching her sister’s hair grow back and coming up with new styles, Noell was hooked on helping people look their best and achieve a healthy head of manageable hair.

After attending a local beauty school, she started working at a local hair salon where she treated a woman with a very bad chemical scalp burn. “My heart dropped” said Noell about the experience, which inspired her to research how to treat chemical burns and regrow healthy hair. Six months later, she had helped the same young woman achieve a healthy head of hair!

A few years later, Noell was blessed to work with the founders of one of the first lace wig boutiques in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she received intense training on how to cut, style and apply lace wigs. Wanting to take her knowledge of hair restoration to a higher level, she went on to work at East Carolina hair loss clinic where she continued her education on hair restoration, and was introduced to the awesome hair replacement system she currently uses on her own clients at her own hair studio, New Image Hair Studio.